Knnotcase has been founded in the year 2021 by best friends and creative duo Garima Rajpal and Pooja Gupta.

Knnotcase taps into that sense of beauty, nostalgia and freedom that perfectly compliments the female spirit. The young, vibrant and expressive part of you that emerges on vacations, weddings or mid-strut at a festival, Knnotcase brings that spirit to life, wherever you are.

The brand's ethos of eclectic and authentic bohemia encapsulates the spirit of the people, cultures and places that the founders have witnessed along the way. At Knnotcase, we make enchanting pieces for our vibrant muse who is not afraid to take risks, forge her own way and embrace a little bit of adventure. 

Knnotcase is designed for women with confidence, oomph and fierce femininity who don’t actually mind mixing the bohemian aesthetic with a little quirk. This brand is the ultimate pick for the bohemian girl who is a little more eclectic than she is whimsical.

The beautiful amalgamation of intricate threads, vibrant colors, and floral motifs aplenty to sew the brand’s signature DNA into every piece produced. These pieces provide a refreshing alternative to the daily bourgeois. 

Our Mantra - Culturally Inspired and Ethically Handmade

Knnotcase''s handmade processes allow us the pleasure of closely working with small factories and local artisans, creating jobs and offering sustainable incomes around India. We are highly committed to more sustainable manufacturing practices and celebrating traditional craftsman techniques